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Tailored Market Intelligence to Drive Superior Results

For the past decade, Freedonia Custom Research has been helping companies evaluate opportunities in the rapidly changing North American oilfield market.

Below are just a couple examples of how we have enabled informed strategies based on actionable market intelligence:

  • Supported a go/no-go decision on a greenfield investment through an analysis of the North American proppant market based on over 70 in-depth interviews with proppant suppliers, oilfield service providers and E&P companies
  • Aided development of an M&A strategy in the oilfield chemicals market through a value chain analysis of well stimulation chemicals that included insights from interviews with 50 market participants
  • Developed intelligence on market size and competitive landscape for a leading supplier of building materials considering entry into the proppant market

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About Freedonia Custom Research

Freedonia Custom Research, a division of, is skilled in analyzing global industrial and business-to-business markets. For over 15 years we have assisted leading industrial companies across the world by providing accurate and actionable data coupled with expert analysis and insights.