BISWhitePapers_ElectricVehicles_thumbWill electric cars take over? If so, when? These questions are top of mind for industry players, investors, and consumers alike who follow the latest auto trends.

Given the huge investments in electric vehicle technology and ambitious targets set by OEMs and governments around the world to accelerate the adoption of EVs, it seems very likely that ICE technology is on the way out, according to a newly released white paper by BIS Research, a market intelligence firm focused on emerging technology.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the automotive industry
  • Electric vehicle targets by country and OEM
  • Electric vehicle adoption trends
  • Initiatives to boost EV sales
  • Adoption of electric vehicles: targets vs. trends
  • Why batteries are critical for bridging viability gaps

With concise analysis and eye-catching graphics, this white paper is an essential guide to the future of electric vehicles. Get your copy today.

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