Statistics and quotes on how to take your new product to market

59% of All Retail Business Started in 2005 Were Out of Business by 2010

That alarming stat could be scary to a potential entrepreneur, but understanding the full scope of starting a new business is critical to its long-term success.  The risks, though great, can be mitigated through extensive market research.

In "Sizzlin Stats", you'll find facts to help guide your feasibility study to present to potential investors. Discover great facts from associations and quotes from entrepreneurs including:

  • The National Venture Capital Association estimates that 25%-35% of venture-backed business fail.
  • On average, one-year-old firms create nearly 1 million jobs.
  • 80% of second-time business owners succeed.

"In a company’s first year, your goal should be simply to survive, and this will likely take everything you’ve got. No matter how tired or afraid you are, you have to figure out how to keep going.”
                                                                                 -Richard Branson


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