Freedonia Custom Research has conducted hundreds of complex studies for many of the largest industrial companies in the world. We provide high-resolution industry analysis to enable data-driven strategic planning and business decision-making, including:

  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Growth forecasting and modeling
  • Competitive environment
  • Supply and capacity
  • Customer due diligence
  • Value chain analysis
  • Voice of the customer

Case Studies & Client Success Stories

Objective: Market Sizing

Approach: As part of a strategic plan to significantly increase sales following the acquisition of a firm with complementary product offerings, a distributor of packaged chemicals contracted Freedonia Custom Research to investigate the best opportunities for growth. As part of the study, Freedonia sized the addressable market — both in total and the portion served by distributors — for seven end-use applications, providing current data as well as five- and ten-year forecasts.

Results: The attractiveness of each application was evaluated based on the size of demand, expected growth, fit to our client’s capabilities, degree of competition, number of customers, and regulatory considerations. Detailed analysis of each end-use application’s value chain was provided, as were profiles of competitors currently serving these applications.

Objective: Global Voice of the Customer Assessment

Approach: For a global manufacturer of coatings, which introduced a new environmentally friendly product for a specific application, Freedonia Custom Research conducted a voice of the customer analysis of manufacturers and specifying purchasers regarding the viability of switching to this new coating. This study, which necessitated 75% of the interviews to be conducted in China, analyzed the benefits and barriers these manufacturers perceived as they evaluated or used this coating.

Results: While many respondents believed that the transition to this type of product was inevitable, the study detailed a set of manufacturing process barriers that were preventing its adoption. As a result, the company developed a strategic effort to partner with an engineering firm to develop a turnkey process, which addresses current process barriers and could be rapidly integrated into manufacturing lines.

Objective: Demand Analysis

Approach: For a global provider of solutions to the downstream energy market, Freedonia investigated demand for specialty selected water treatment chemicals, process chemicals, and fuel additives in order to validate and/or revise our client’s internal market estimates.

Results: We provided demand for seven discrete chemical types, segmented by North America and Europe. To establish accurate market size estimates, Freedonia performed extensive secondary research, conducted in-depth interviews with leading competitive manufacturers, and triangulated our findings with our client’s sales data.

Objective: Due Diligence

Approach: In support of a private investment group’s due diligence efforts related to a potential acquisition, Freedonia Custom Research conducted a thorough investigation of the target company’s market and its place within it. In-depth interviews were conducted with 40 industry experts across various constituent groups, including competitors, plastic companies, plastic compounders, and downstream customers.

Results: Freedonia’s analysis included a quantitative assessment of demand, the target company’s market positioning and level of competition, competitive product offerings, the role of technical services, customer loyalty, environmental drivers, and market perceptions of the target company.


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