Find out how you can use Profound Alerts to track specific areas of focus
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October 16, 2014   


Dear Colleague,

In this month's email, we take a look at one of Profound's most commonly discussed capabilities but from a little bit of a different perspective. Profound's Alert Feature allows users to create customized email notifications, alerting you to new content based on your chosen specifications. This ability to get the exact information you need exactly when you need it is critical in helping maximize your busy schedule. While many users set alerts for common searches, like general industry news, there are other ways the Alert Feature can be useful in tracking important indicators.

Check out our Profound Tips on how you can use the Alert Feature to track your competitors, supply chain, key clients/prospects, and more. Plus, take a look at our latest publisher updates included below. And, as always, if you have any questions regarding the content on Profound, please contact your Account Manager.

Paul Ricketts
Marketing Manager


Publisher Updates


New Publisher: Knowledge Advisory Services & Consultancy

Knowledge Advisory is a thought leadership research, technology and management consulting firm. Their research methodology encompasses surveying, economic policy assessment, government policy assessment, market analysis and forecasting. Knowledge Advisory provides insight on aspects related to strategy, process definition and improvement, policy and regulation research, financial planning and risk evaluation. Their business research reports are specifically focused on developing countries and emerging markets.

Highlighted Titles

Survey of Healthcare Infrastructure and Services

India is a fast growing market for private sector healthcare service. Uttar Pradesh, the largest province in India, with a population of over 200 million, has tremendous challenges in healthcare delivery. Hospitals, Poly-Clinics and Clinics of various capacities are widely impacting the quality of healthcare provided to citizens. For a highly populated state, such as Uttar Pradesh, there is severe pressure on governmental healthcare establishment which is consistently failing in delivery of the required services to citizens. 

Mechanisation of Agriculture Through Light Industrial Tools

Agriculture is a very important sector for the Indian Economy with a majority population still dependent on produce from land. The objectives of this report are: to provide an insight into farm mechanisation in India; to identify government policies having an impact of farm mechanisation; to scope the landscape of organizations and companies participating in farm mechanisation; to relate the company profile with product platforms and specifications of farm tools; inform through a survey conducted of rural users and retailers the current status of market awareness, adoption, current use, adaptability, the current demand of products.

Analysis of Oil Sector in Nigeria

Nigeria is a hub for the oil and gas sector in Africa. Nigeria is a mixed model emerging economy rich in mineral resources, particularly for oil and natural gas. With a population of 163.2 Million and land area of 924,000 square kilometres, the country has a nominal GDP of $1,443 per capita. The marketing production of natural gas stands at 41.32 cubic metres. The country exports 2,377,000 barrel per day of petroleum, 23,600 barrels per day of petroleum products and 25.94 billion cubic metres of natural gas. 

Profound Tips - Alerts

Profound's customizable alert feature provides tremendous value for users. In addition to its typical uses, such as industry news, there are a number of areas in which alerts can be utilized that are often overlooked. Profound users can set alerts to track some of the following:

  • Competitors - Track key competitors both in terms of actual past data and projected data
  • Own Company - Track your organization's past and projected data
  • Supply Chain - Track past and projected data for companies in your supply chain
  • Key Clients/Prospects - Track past and projected data for clients or prospects.

These alerts can then be refined even further if appropriate. For example, many companies are investing heavily in sustainability, but you are only as good as your supply chain so there could be an alert on your key suppliers specifically relating to sustainability.

In addition to the above, there could be more general current awareness alerts:

  • Country/Region - Track geopolitical issues, particularly for those companies sourcing or working in volatile areas
  • Topical or Current Business Issues - For example, a quick Profound search on “BYOD” yields 736 reports added to profound in the last 2 years. So, if you are a CTO, COO, or CEO who is considering a complete migration to BYOD, you can review current thinking, considerations, etc.

Step-by-Step Example:

By setting up an alert on your competitors, you can be notified when new reports are published which may contain information on product development, M&A activity, latest SWOT analysis etc. 

Step 1:

Enter competitor organization names with Boolean search operators OR, AND, NOT, etc. In this case, you can add ‘AND [Insert Publisher Name]’ if you are looking only for reports by a specific publisher. 

Search: "Coca-Cola" OR "Pepsi" OR "Dr. Pepper"


Step 2:

Narrow down your search further if you wish to, using the search features on left hand side. Many Profound users like to narrow down further by searching by ‘DATE PUBLISHED.’


Step 3:

Once you have narrowed down your search in line with your preferences, you need to save the search.


Give the Search a relevant name and click on the 'Save as Alert?' Box. You can now decide on how many titles you would like included within the alert and how frequently you would like to receive it.


Once you click save, this alert will be stored, and you will begin to receive the email notifications.

Step 4:

You can then manage saved Searches and Alerts. 


By using this feature, you can remove or change searches and alerts that you have already set up.


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