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December 16, 2014   


Dear Colleague,

Happy Holidays! As 2014 comes to a close, most organizations are busy planning for the new year, and that certainly includes market research. Particularly when you invest in a market research solution, such as Profound, it is important that you utilize your service as efficiently and effectively as possible. Take a look at our recent blog post, "How to Use Market Research across Your Entire Organization," for some tips on making the most of your market research in 2015.

Plus, take a look at our latest publisher updates and tips included below. And, as always, if you have any questions regarding the content on Profound, please contact your Account Manager.

Paul Ricketts
Marketing Manager


Publisher Updates

Kentley Insights, featured on

New Publisher: Kentley Insights

Kentley Insights is one of the preeminent market research companies. Covering over 300 industries, their reports are used by private equity firms looking to understand multiple angles to an industry, startups seeking insight on how to crack into an industry, and professionals needing the benchmarks on their way to growth and cost efficiencies. Kentley Insights' expertise in business intelligence comes from their experience working at some of the most prestigious management consulting firms and banks. The Kentley Insights team has been in the trenches helping CEOs of Fortune 500 companies on key strategic questions and game changing acquisitions, and they know how valuable that one data point or analytic insight can be. Every report they write includes numerous in-depth insights into their industries of coverage.

Highlighted Titles


This Market Report is an in-depth evaluation of the Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Industry in the United States. This industry comprises electric power establishments primarily engaged in either (1) operating electric power distribution systems (i.e., consisting of lines, poles, meters, and wiring) or (2) operating as electric power brokers or agents that arrange the sale of electricity via power distribution systems operated by others.


This Market Report is an in-depth evaluation of the Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation Industry in the United States. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing air transportation of passengers or passengers and freight over regular routes and on regular schedules. Establishments in this industry operate flights even if partially loaded. Scheduled air passenger carriers, including commuter and helicopter carriers (except scenic and sightseeing), are included in this industry.


This Market Report is an in-depth evaluation of the Farm Product Warehousing and Storage Industry in the United States. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating bulk farm product warehousing and storage facilities (except refrigerated). Grain elevators primarily engaged in storage are included in this industry.

Profound Publisher Tips

Global Industry Analysts, featured on www.Profound.comGIA Sectioning on Profound

There are over 200 publishers with reports on Profound, but there is one publisher, in particular, that is handled differently from all the others: Global Industry Analysts (GIA). This publisher is managed in a unique way because the publisher allows certain parts of their reports to be sectioned, but not others. The result is that GIA reports typically have 4 different “products” for each report. While there are exceptions to this rule, you will see the following format for most of the loaded reports: 

  • Report Name (Date): This will be the full report with no sectioning available.
  • Report Name – Executive Summary (Date): This will be the first “half” of the report, and it will be sectionable. If you are looking for the world metrics or the descriptive content of the report, it will likely be here.
  • Report Name – Market (Date): This section is the second “half” of the report and can be sectioned.  It usually contains all the market metrics for individual countries and regions.
  • Report Name – Competition (Date): This part is the end of the report and is NOT sectionable. It contains all of the brief profiles of many of the competitors in the market.

Less frequently, the reports are smaller and do not include either the Market section, the Competition section, or both. Ask your TAC or Account Manager for assistance if you do not see what you are looking for.

In general, if you only see one or two of these options when searching on the service, it does not mean the other sections are not there. One easy way to find them all is to search in the Free Text or Title search box and then select Global Industry Analysts in your Publisher Filter options. Removing the other publishers from the results will better help you target the content needed from specific publishers.

An additional suggestion is to locate the full report and review the Table of Contents. This will give you a clear indication as to whether or not a particular section is missing.

For an example of both the formatting and the searching issues, type "Imaging Agents" into your search and then filter for "GIA."

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