5 Luxury Market Trends for 2015 White Paper

Luxury Goods Industry Trends to 2015 and Beyond

Companies like MasterCard understand the importance of targeting the affluent consumer market, a segment shown to increase transactions and sales volumes. MasterCard provides premium cards and concierge services that entice affluent households seeking access, security, and exclusivity.

With 11.53 million millionaire households in the U.S., the American luxury market is the world’s largest many times over. But who are these affluent consumers, what are their shopping habits, and how can brands like MasterCard gain dominance in this important market? This white paper provides valuable, actionable insights to help different brands connect with customers with the highest potential to spend.

The white paper highlights five trends impacting the luxury consumer segment:

  • Affluent austerity
  • Luxury's brand new style
  • Luxury brands' evolving story 
  • The shopping habits of ultra-affluents
  • Millennials on the road to affluence

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