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Real-World Research.

For more than 15 years, Academic has provided libraries, students, faculty and administration with the same business-critical market research used by professionals around the globe. Business executives, managers and entrepreneurs use our reports to drive strategies in both major industries and niche markets. With Academic, local public, community college and university libraries can access the same vital information to support small business development centers, technology transfer departments, as well as the academic and professional endeavors of both students and faculty. Academic's research collection offers unique industry perspective, qualitative and quantitative focus, primary analysis and both niche market and international concentrations. More than just "raw data," our reports provide expert analysis, including:

  • Industry Interviews & Reports
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Trends & Shares
  • Product Reports
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Demographics
  • Consumer Data
  • Company Profiles & Reports
  • Country Reports
  • Educational Reports


Industry-Leading Publishers. Academic's extensive content database consists of reports from industry-leading publishers. When combined, their collection of reports cover a range of industries such as business services, demographics, education, food & beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology & media, telecommunications & IT and more. Through Academic's publisher offerings, you will gain a variety of perspectives and approaches to help you better serve the needs of your institution's diverse user base. academic


Easy Network Integration. Academic easily integrates into all campus-wide library networks. Conveniently accessed without password assistance, the Academic platform is built with IP authentication. The platform also provides convenient tools for browsing to find the perfect report and searching via either keyword or advanced search functionality, as well as providing help with detailed information online for all users and unlimited downloads.



Cost-Effective Solution.

Based on a subscription pricing structure, Academic serves as a cost-effective business intelligence solution for colleges and universities looking to provide their institutions with real-world market research at an affordable price. Subscriptions are based on a per full-time student equivalent to accommodate libraries budgets of all sizes. In addition, individual publisher collections are available in order to meet the specific needs and budgets of any particular institution. Consortia pricing is also available.

Explore the Product.

Get a live demonstration of the Academic solution.
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