What do Rachel Ray, Dick Van Patten, and your local PetSmart have in common?

Charitable efforts for pets!


"How Cause Marketing Helps Pet Retailers Connect," will help you find out how American's concerns for the health and welfare of their pets generates businesses through cause marketing campaigns -- and how how these campaigns are contributing to the expansion of the pet retail market. This eBook also covers how pet cause marketing campaigns contribute to:

  • Increased consumer engagement in adoption efforts at veterinary and retail level.
  • Growing numbers of pet-adoption campaigns at local, state and national public and private groups.
  • Skyrocketing advertising dollars spent on pet adoption, nutrition, and other pet wellness campaigns

Download "How Cause Marketing Helps Pet Retailers Connect" to also gain more insights about trends covered by pet industry expert Packaged Facts -- including the pets-as-family-member trend, which is getting American pet lovers to spend more on their furry friends!

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